Athletics of To-Day for Women

70 Athletics of To-day for Women Anna-Lisa Ad lskold won in m stcrly fashion, and set up a new Swedish record of r6r It. 3 in . (97 ft. 3lo ins. right hand, and 63 ft. II ib ins. left hand), while Haglund came from the eliminating trials to the fmal holding second place with 147ft. ro-fl ins. (87ft. r 1 7 in. right, 6oft. 8i ins. left), but in the final, Miss Fawcett, Great Britain, reached 93 ft. 4 ins. with her right hand and threw 55 ft. 7 iu ins. with her left, thus moving up into second place, with an aggr gate of 148ft. rr 5 ins. Mrs. Eliott-Lynn's contribution of 83ft. rr ins. right, and 62 ft. 6 ins. left, equalling 146 ft. 5 ins. in the aggregate, gav her the fourth place by a margin of three and a half inches over Olmrova, zecho- lovakia. The last competitive event of the second day's contests was the r,ooo metres Walk, in which there were only two cOin– petitors, Mme. egel, France, and Miss ro 1 y, r at ritain ( ictur s rro to rr2). The race that followed was one of the hard st ver witness d in women's competitions. Mme. eg 1 at once a sumed the lead, and, stepping out at surprising speed, maintain d her advantag ov r th first lap. Mis. rossl y, walking in e.'cell nt styl , then pil d on the pace and came up t h r rival. The ~ renchwoman, ho-v v r, r sponded with rare pluck, and, for thirty yard , the oppon nt walke strid for strid abreast. rossley now turn d on h r full pow rs and was insid worl 's r cor and 1 a ing at th h lf mil distan . or a littl whil th Fr ~nchwoman hung on with dogg d t nacity, but, willing though her spirit might be, she had not the str ngth to supp rt the strain of the British girl's tr m ndous pace. ii s rossley's finishing time of 5 mins. ro secs. eclipsed the previous world's record, Mme. g l, p ssing the post, pretty well finished-out, in 5 mins. r2g s cs. Miss Crossley was given a great ovation as is shown in Pictur 26. At the end of th second day's contests the points score of the nations re d: Great Britain 27, weden 17, France 14, Czecho- lovakia 12, Japan ro, oland 7, and Latvia r. Sunday, always the great sports day on the ontinent, witnessed the gathering of B,ooo spectators, for the weather